Inter Tech Security

Inter Tech Security

- Security Consulting -


Inter Tech Security

- Security Consulting -


Inter Tech Security

- Security Consulting -


Inter Tech Security

- Security Consulting -

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Body Guard Service

Personal protection services for corporate blackmail, stalkers, stalkers, DV victims and other victims of crime troubles by anti-social forces and vicious complainers, etc. Security guards stand by at designated residences and companies. We will check visitors and check the movements of suspicious people to protect the safety and security of our clients.

Risk Management Service

In order to prevent the spread of damage, our specialist crisis management consultants will propose strategic risk management for companies and organizations, such as risk analysis and emergency manuals.

Risk Consulting Service 

We provide consulting on all kinds of problems such as various contracts and negotiations in conducting corporate activities, dealing with external troubles such as advertisements and promotions, and dealing with unreasonable demands. Please feel free to contact us.

Research Service


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Inter Tech Security Co., Ltd.


2-2-15 Minami-Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo 107-0062


Representative Director Hiroaki Ono


December 26, 2014

Tokyo Metropolitan Public Safety Commission No.300004381